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Team Manchester - Busy Bees!

Manchester, a city that recently has been in the news due to tragic terrorist attacks. A city built on industry and in particular, textile mills. Manchester, a city with a more recent rich pop culture. So what this got to do with rowing 350m on 22ndJuly? Well, getting our crews together has been...challenging. The rowing calendar is packed and with the majority of our athletes focussing on Henley Women’s and Henley Royal, we know just how challenging it is to fit in even more training around full time jobs and some sort of recovery time too!

But Manchester has a history of being busy. In fact, the logo for the city (the worker bee) comes from the term ‘busy bee’, a term associated with industriousness and hard work. It’s a logo that came to symbolise the city’s indomitable spirit following the Arena bombing in May 2017.

It is this spirit that so many of our athletes have cited as their motivation and drive to be part of Team Manchester. To represent a city that has a hard working past. And just as the textile mills of the 1800s were commonly described as ‘hives of activity’ and the workers inside them compared to bees, Team Manchester is a new generation is busy bee and that’s why we are taking on the symbol of the city as the unofficial Team Manchester mascot.

The bee symbol is a part of Manchester’s coat of arms which was given to the city in 1842. You won’t just find them on the bins in the city though. The bee can be seen on the clock face of the Palace Hotel, on the mosaic floor of Manchester Town Hall and even above the arches of Links of London. If you go up onto the rooftop of the Printworks you will even find urban beekeeping taking place, producing local honey!

Our unofficial team mascot represents so much about the hard working industrial heritage of our city, as well as the form it has latterly taken as a sign of indomitable spirit in the face of tragedy.

Keep an eye out for our busy bees on the water in the next few weeks. And when you next see a bee, think of Team Manchester!

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