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Carly is an Olympian for the day!

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

As part of the Power 8 event, each city has a 'Champion'. Team Manchester is incredibly proud to have double Lance Tredell on our team. Lance is originally from south Manchester so has a real connection with the region.

As part of the launch event all of the city champions got together for a media day. Unfortunately Lance was not able to attend so a call went out to Team Orange to see if anyone was available to travel to Bristol. Carly Morris of the women's team Kindly offered, but little did she know what was in store!

Carly travelled to Bristol and met with the other seven ambassadors, all Olympians! She spent the day chatting about how excited she is to be part of Team Manchester, and becoming BFFs with her new Olympic buddies. She did an awesome photo shoot and gave some great interviews too.

Needless to say, Carly from Grosvenor RC and her seven new Olympian friends had a great day, and the follow up media releases have shown what a great addition she is to the Team Manchester squad.

Thanks for helping out on the day Carly and thank you to all of the British Rowing staff for looking after her on what could have been a rather overwhelming day. You've set the bar high for the energy levels required to be a team champion for Tom!

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